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Creative Co-Lab


The Creative Co-Lab disrupts the classical forms of how theatre is created by transforming the the ways in which work is developed, produced and presented to the people while making the arts accessible to all people.  

Where DISRUPTIVE THEATRE takes place! 

The Creative Co-Lab is a Houston based interdisciplinary ensemble comprised of singers, actors, dancers, poets, playwrights, directors and choreographers who use the stage as a medium to educate, empower and entertain the community. The Creative Co-Lab was founded in 2015 by Bryan-Keyth Wilson; The Creative Co-Lab produces original works with a revolving ensemble. 


Our goal is to create theatrical experiences focusing on a wide array of topics and literary forms from social justice plays, speakeasies, choreopoems, integrated movement and interdisciplinary art. Our primary focus is to curate and cultivate the creative process. Give emerging and established creatives a platform to creative new works in a positive and supportive community that has the best interest of the artist. This arts collaborative was created by a creative for the creatives to give back to the community. 

Our Team

Lead by Bryan-Keyth Wilson the Creative Co-Lab is comprised of artists, directors, choreographers, dancers, singers, musicians, writers, playwrights, media personalities, journalists and lovers of the arts. We have all colors, sizes, nationalities, religions and more, so much more...

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