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Kneeling Protestors


Here are few books written by Bryan-Keyth Wilson. 



The debut novel by noted director/ playwright Bryan-Keyth Wilson is sure to be a page-turner. Set in the rural community of La Marque, Texas, the book chronicles the life of Jordan Michael Whitaker, the narcissistic, womanizing, sex/ drug enthused 20 year old, and how he uses anyone and any situation to get what he wants. The mischievousness catches up with him when he meets a psychotic pharmaceuticals sales representative that catches him in bed with her best friend. A gun is pulled- someone is left dead. Set to Romans 12:2, Hood Boy Chronicles is a modern tale of spiritual warfare that's not for the faint of heart. 

"Absorbing, appealing, and engaging. Hood Boy Chronicles edgy and sometimes dark realities will leave you wanting more. Bryan-Keith Wilson has created a character that our community and families know all too well, one that shows that even when we're at our lowest, and we think God has forgotten about us, that's when He'll change everything in the twinkling of an eye! This story will touch you in ways that are uncomfortable at first, but the true blessing comes in the end when we learn through Jordan Whitaker that God works in mysterious ways." 

Angela Wilson, Community News Editor/Writer for The Galveston County Daily News 

Secret Rendezvous

After graduating from Harvard Law School and marrying his college girlfriend, Tatum Berkowitz had it all together until a psychotic exploit from his past embarks upon his perfect family and threatens his career in the publishing industry.

Tatum’s animalistic appetite for exotic women and sex leads him in a predicament where he has to choose between sexual fantasies or his family and career. Will Tatum tame his insatiable lust for other women, or is it too late to save what’s important to him? This is an erotic backstage view of what happens in the publishing industry when sex, lies, and a trip to Las Vegas set the scene for murder and mayhem. “Secret Rendezvous” is a Psycho-Erotic page-turner for the voyeuristic reader.

Secret Rendezvous.png
Ebook Cover 2 .png

on the verge of a nervous breakdown/ when freedom aint enuff

FOR COLORED BOYZ on the verge of a nervous breakdown/ when freedom ain’t enuff is an unabashed display of blackness that's unapologetic and speaks to the human heart from a black man's perspective. I want to use the theatre as a haven for artists and their stories to thrive on the American stage. FOR COLORED BOYZ brings social issues to the stage and addresses issues within the black community that is silenced. FOR COLORED BOYZ’s Afro-centric rhythms is the heart of this piece. As an artist, I am not afraid of bringing the human experience to the stage no matter how graphic or taboo the subject matter might be. The theatre is for the people and should be given back to the people, and this is my mission. FOR COLORED BOYZ resonates with its audiences no matter their ethnicity or demographic, there is a common thread that brings us all together when sitting in the dark watching this show; to go forth with understanding and love.​

The Monologue Book For Black & Brown Actors
Vol. 1

A collection of monologues written during the pandemic and from the Award-winning choreopoem FOR COLORED BOYZ...

Black and Brown Monologue Cover.png

08:46: Fresh Perspectives 

New World Theatre has brought together forty-four playwrights from the Black community to share their unique perspectives through monologues, and the results are amazing. This collection is filled with strong distinct voices that express beauty, tragedy, humor, resilience, and words that challenge us to broaden our perspective.

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