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He knew how to get into good trouble; necessary trouble! 

Known as the conscience of Congress, John Robert Lewis was a true statesman with an early plight for equality and justice for all. 


From humble beginnings on a farm outside of Troy, Alabama a young John Lewis finds solace preaching to the chickens and listening to the radio.  Growing up in the segregated south Eddie and Willie Mae had no idea they were raising a member of the Big Six and one of the instrumental figures in the Civil Rights Movement and a forefather of American History. THE BOY FROM TROY follows the life and legacy of Congressman Lewis from the age of nine years old to his final visit to Black Lives Matter Plaza. This musical features an original book by Bryan-Keyth Wilson with original music and lyrics by Constance T. Washington and Wilson.




Rep John Lewis’ Speech at March on Washington // 

Noted as one of the youngest speakers on Program at the March on Washington on August 28, 1963.

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